If you are doubting your existence and worth in the world.


If you did not exist, nothing would be the same. Nothing. The person who will fall 

in love with you would never hear your name. The son or daughter you might have would never be born; therefore stopping a whole branch of life and people and memories from happening. The places you will visit would never be graced by your presence, the smile put on a person’s face by the words from your mouth would never be smiled, because those words would never be said. The friends you will make and those lives you will touch would never feel the affect of your love, because you wouldn’t even meet them. Please, please don’t think the world would just go on as it would if you weren’t alive in it. Because you will go on to do and say and feel so much, without realising if that wasn’t done or said or felt, the world and it’s inhabitants would miss out on an awful lot.

So thank you for being alive, and I hope you realise how important that is.

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  1. Gracias me gustó mucho y al mismo tiempo eran palabras qu eme hacia falta "escuchar"


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